Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bad Days!!

Ever had just one of those days, or sometimes just one of those weeks. Well this has been the story of my life for a while now! Between the chaos of living in a house with eight other siblings, who by the way are all younger than you, and a mom who is trying to balance everyone's sechudule, worrying if my paperwork for my licensing is getting to the right people, and trying to fit in people for haircuts, and doing haircuts today, and to end the night with a bad practice. I promise you, it can be very tiring... I'm still not sure how my mom does this everyday!

If there is one thing I learned from my mom it would be to take one day at a time, and pray before you ever get out of the bed. Otherwise the whole point of your day has lost perspective.

I don't have tons to talk about today and I'm really amazed that I can blog from my iPhone. I guess it gives new meaning to the phrase "There's always something new to learn". And if you're having a bad day, remember there are always chances to start anew!


  1. Hope your days get better!

    It's cool that you can blog from your iPhone.

    God bless,

  2. Hope today was a better day! That's wise advice from your mom! :)