Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Without Further Adieu

After almost 8 months of waiting on tests and paperwork to be processed I finally can start my job at Rumorz as a hairstylist!!! It has been nearly ten months since I have graduated cosmetology school...(almost a year, that's crazy to me)and almost eight months since I took my first state test! It has been the longest wait if my life it feels like and I am just so excited to finally get started on my new journey... Cause this is just the start to a whole new beginning in my life;) I have been so busy filling out paperwork and waiting then filling out more paperwork, this waiting thing can get a girl down. Let me tell ya it has not been easy. Especially when you turn it all over to God and you aren't hearing back from anyone and you're questioning yourself if you're on the right path. I can tell you my parents, my family, and Colt have all been so incredibly supportive and encouraging. Although, I think my parents are just as excited for me to start working lol. I'm so beyond blessed to have such an amazing group of people in my life and not to mention the team at Rumorz is also an amazing group of people too. I cannot wait to get started and learning new things!!! Thanks for still following my blog even if I have bot posted in forever. Until next time...

Happy hair and lots of smiles


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  1. I'm excited for you, Amber! I think you are going to do very well at Rumorz! You are talented and just seem to have a natural creative knack for hair styling!


    Ms. Tammy